Iqbal Bahar Jahid

Iqbal Bahar Jahid

Managing Director, UTV (UTV Live)

I am an Entrepreneur, I have three Companies named OptiMax Communication Ltd (Nation-wide ISP & IIG), Aalaadin.Com (eCommerce) & Utv Entertainment.Com (Live Streaming Company) in the ICT sector working for the last 16 years where 200 nos Computer Engineers & from other discipline Youth are working here. I was a Teacher of renowned Private University, a Mentor & Inspirational Speaker on Entrepreneurship & on Values of Life. I also do News Presentation & Anchoring of Business Programs at TV & Radios.

UTV Live

Founder & Managing Director · December 12, 2018 to present · Dhaka, Bangladesh Utv একটি অনলাইন উদ্যোক্তা টিভি ``Branding Bangladesh Business``.

E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh

Chairman, Standing Committee, Entrepreneurship & Startups · February 3, 2020 to present · Dhaka, Bangladesh

To Be an Entrepreneur নিজের বলার মত একটা গল্প

President, Founder & Mentor · November 2, 2017 to present · Dhaka, Bangladesh


Managing Director · August 30, 2016 to present · Dhaka, Bangladesh